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Unfortunately our Rim supplier is out of stock for our Fat Paddle set-ups and at this point we dont know when we will be getting more in. Call for availability.


If your tired of spinning and sinking your tire at the dunes, then you need to step up to a 16" REAR FAT PADDLE. We build a custom 16" rim spoked up to any hub YOU PROVIDE, with Pro-Wheel spokes and wrap it with a huge Viper paddled street bike tire. Our 10 paddle tire is 5 inches wide and has a big fat 3 inch sidewall. The big sidewall is the key to the brutal traction and allows you to run lower air pressure creating unbelievable traction and excellent flotation, easily twice that of an ordinary paddle. Hammer your bike straight out of the hole and you better be holding on cause your hooking and gone "RIGHT NOW". Best of all this NEW set-up is an easy swap using all your stock components.The OD of the Fat Paddle is the same as your stock rear tire, so you don't have to mess with the chain or take off your mud guard. Just slide it in and your ready to go tear up the dunes.

Our 18" Front Fatty tire set-up is the Ultimate front dune tire!! We use an 18" rim, spoked up to any hub YOU PROVIDE with Pro-Wheel spokes and wrapped with a big fat 100/100-18 rear knobby tire. With our 16" Fat Paddle on the rear and 18" Fatty on the front you basically have a Supermoto Sand Bike. Traction, handling, control and stability provided by the shorter fatter tires is absolutely amazing. Flying through the turns with your feet up and dragging the pegs is a blast. The bike gets up on the sand so quick and just floats along on top instead of plowing through the sand. There is absolutely no sketchy out of control feeling with this set-up ever. You have complete confidence and control where ever you go, open dunes or in the trails.

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Front/Rear Fat Paddle (Using your hub)
Using your hub, or we can supply one for cost.
16" Rear Fat Paddle Set-Up $539
18" Front Fatty Set-Up $539